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  • Art Exhibit
    Enjoy beautiful and intricate art at the Women's Health Information Center located in the Lobby of NC Women's Hospital Center. Beverly's exhibit will be up for all to enjoy through the month of April.
  • Take an online tour of the Labor & Delivery floor of NC Women's Hospital!
  • Returning to work or school as a nursing parent can be concerning, but it doesn't have to be! This class will cover planning, preparing, and pumping for times you may have to be apart from your nursing baby
  • Topics include the normal labor and birth process, and positions for labor and pushing. More info below...
  • Our online childbirth class, which includes one on-site session with a Prepared Childbirth Instructor, is ideal for those expectant parents who can’t attend all of the traditional on-site childbirth classes due to work schedules, time constraints, or medical conditions.

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M.O.M. (Mentoring Other Mothers) Group

EVENT: Mentoring Other Mothers (MOM) is a social networking group for new moms and their babies 0 to 7 months, as well as prenatal mothers during their 2nd and 3rd Trimesters. New moms will support each other while sharing their concerns, joys, tips and experiences during these weekly sessions with other new and experienced mothers in a relaxed setting. Free of charge!

TIME: Our group meets on Tuesdays from 10:30am-12pm and on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8pm.

TO REGISTER: For more details and to register in advance, please visit Class Registration and Schedules or call us at 984-974-8882.

Childbirth Classes and Tours

All classes and tours require registration, even those that are free of charge.
If you need to cancel or transfer a class please call us (984-974-8882) or send us an email ( so we may offer the spot to someone else.
If you do not cancel a registration at leat 4 days before the class starts, we will only be able to refund 80% of the class fee.  We are willing to make special considerations under certain circumstances though, so please get in touch if that applies to you.  Please note that we cannot offer a refund more than 60 days after receiving a payment. Thank you!


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Online Prepared Childbirth

Can’t come to all of the Prepared Childbirth on-site Classes? We now offer another option!

Our online childbirth class is the perfect alternative for those wanting a flexible class schedule and fewer on-site class hours, or for those living or working too far from our Hospital.
Have you given birth before? This online class is also a great refresher course! 

While nothing can replace the personal connection of an on-site childbirth series of classes, you’ll learn essential information, including what’s happening to your changing body, how you’ll know when you are really in labor, helpful comfort techniques, advice for partners or support person, an overview of medical procedures, and much more.
Plus, the one-time on-site session we offer along with the eClass will give expecting parents a great opportunity to ask questions or clarify any information.

($120 per couple: $72 with Medicaid; $96 for UNC Employee/Student)

For more information or to register 'Class Schedule & Registration', or call 984-974-8882.



Prepared Childbirth: Refresher Course

You have given birth before and would like to refresh on birthing techniques? We now offer another option!

If you are pregnant but have given birth before and you would like to refresh on techniques and information regarding child labor, this class was designed for you!

This class is taught by experienced, certified childbirth educators. Topics include the normal labor and birth process, and positions for labor and pushing. Emphasis is placed on working together to have a healthy and positive birth experience. This class is for the mother-to-be and one labor partner. 

($25 per couple)

For more information or to register 'Class Schedule & Registration', or call 984-974-8882.



Clase de Parto en Español

Un solo dia de clases en donde se cubren puntos esenciales sobre el proceso del parto natural y en la colaboración entre la pareja, tecnicas de respiracion, manejo del dolor y también incluye procedimientos del hospital. 

($20 por pareja)

Short version of our Prepared Childbirth Class in Spanish ($20 per couple) One half-day class which will focus on normal birth prosess, labor exercices and interventions.

Para mas informacion, oprima Horario e inscripcion!

Prepared Childbirth

Classes focus on the normal birth process with emphasis on how mother and partner or labor support person can work together to have a healthy, positive experience. 

Of course you can take this class at any time during pregnancy, but we recommend that you register when the mother is between 12 and 20 weeks pregnant and plan to start the class between 20 and 27 weeks. We offer 12 hrs of instruction with different class schedules, some last 4 weeks and others 2 weeks.

($85 per couple: $51 with Medicaid, $68 for UNC Students & UNC Employees)

For more information or to register 'Class Schedule & Registration', or call 984-974-8882.

Maternity Center Tours

Tours of labor and delivery and the maternity care center are designed to answer your questions about the hospital and what to expect when you arrive to have your baby. Includes 'Baby Friendly Designation' information (and Ready, Set, Baby materials).
(Free of charge!)

Sibling Tours cost $5 per child and are for families with children ages 3 to 7.  For the duration of the flu season, sibling tours are cancelled. See our main page banner for updates

For more information or to register 'Class Schedule & Registration', or call 984-974-8882.

Tours de Maternidad en español

(Gratis) Reciba información sobre las salas de maternidad en el Hospital de Mujeres de N.C. Incluye una guia del piso de las salas de partos e informacion sobre que significa ser un Hospital 'Baby Friendly'.

Llame (984) 974-8882 para reservar su cita.


This course acquaints couples with the basics of breastfeeding. Topics include correct positioning, establishing a good milk supply, how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk, advantages of breastfeeding and whom to call when you have questions or concerns.

($25 for two parents)

For more information or to register 'Class Schedule & Registration', or call 984-974-8882.

Working Without Weaning

Working Without Weaning. Returning to work or school as a nursing parent can cause concern; but it doesn't have to! This class will cover planning, preparing, and pumping for times you may have to be apart from your nursing baby

($25 for two parents)

For more information or to register 'Class Schedule & Registration', or call 984-974-8882.

CPR for Family and Friends

This class teaches CPR techniques for infants, children and adults and provides information on injury prevention. For your safety and comfort, take this class before your third trimester. For 'Class Schedule & Registration' . Class does not provide certification.

($50 for two people, $40 for UNC Students & UNC Employees, $30 with Medicaid)
($35 for individual)

Clase de Resucitacion Cardiopulmonar (CPR) en español para asistir a infantes y adultos, llamenos para inscribirse o inscribase AQUI.

The 4th Trimester: Life With a Newborn

($30 for two people)This class will help to prepare you for life with a newborn. Topics addressed will include developmentally appropriate responses to newborn cues and crying, soothing techniques, recognizing normal newborn states vs. when to call your provider, sleep safety and SIDS risk reduction, as well as routine newborn care. For 'Class Schedule & Registration'

Boot Camp for New Dads

($30 per dad, includes book) Dads-to-be meet with "Veteran" Dads who bring their babies to class. Topics include: changing diapers, crying babies, finances, taking care of Mom and more. For 'Class Schedule & Registration'

Choosing & Using Childcare

($5 for two people) This class teaches strategies for finding quality childcare for infants, toddlers and school-age children. In addition, parents learn about community childcare options. For 'Class Schedule & Registration'

Prenatal Yoga

($48 for 4 sessions, 20% discount for UNC Students & UNC Employees, 40% discount with Medicaid) This 4-week class offers a wonderful way for an expectant mom to optimize her health and comfort during pregnancy. This class can be taken at any point in pregnancy and can be repeated. For 'Class Schedule & Registration'

Sign Language for Budding Babies

($15 for two people) is a fun and innovative class that will help you, as parents, enrich your child's speech and language, boost his/her vocabulary, increase their self-confidence and stimulate their intelligence through the use of (ASL) American Sign Language. 'Class Schedule and Registration'


More Information

Please view our classes via the Class Calendar to see schedule of our current offerings and register for classes. Class availability is updated daily.

If you need help deciding which classes to take, please call our office at 984-974-8882 or email us at, and we will help you tailor a program to your individual needs.

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