Update: Flu season has begun and the hospital has started to enforce its flu restrictions on the Labor& Delivery and Post-Partum floors of the Women's Hospital. In an effort to keep moms and newborn babies protected from infection, children ages 11 years and younger will not be allowed upstairs to the Labor & Delivery and Post-Partum units. Also, we will not be offering Sibling Tours during the time of the restriction that will be going on from now until February/March of 2018. Thank you for your consideration. 

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The Women's Health Information Center is open:
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. 

Please feel free to drop by and visit the center anytime during business hours. The Center has books, videos and pamphlets on many women's health issues and two computers with access to the internet and UNC Hospital-approved women's health websites.

We also provide free educational sessions about our Baby Friendly Designation and what to expect when your family comes to have your baby at our Women's Hospital!

The Women's Health Information Center also offers a comfortable place to feed your baby or to use your breastpump, you and your visitors are always welcome at our peaceful and resourceful place!


The N.C. Women's Hospital is located at 101 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Click here for online directions to UNC Hospitals.

If you have further questions about directions to the N.C. Women's Hospital, please call (984) 974-0709.

The Women's Health Information Center is located on the ground floor of N.C. Women's Hospital.  The door to the Center is located along the brown wall behind the lobby waiting area.  The door is in the corner of the lobby next to the outside atrium. Our phone number is (984) 974-8882, our hours are 9am-5pm.

UNC Hospitals Visitors parking decks are outside the main Hospitals buildings.  Please give yourself a little extra time to reach your classroom, we recommend you arrive to the parking area at least 10 minutes prior to your class.

You can park in the Visitor Parking Deck that is off of Manning Drive on East Street.  The Visitor Parking Deck is directly across the street from the Hospitals.  The cost to park is $1.50/hour.  On the 2nd floor of the Parking Deck there is a skyway bridge that takes you across the street to the Hospitals.  You can walk or take the shuttle bus that runs every few minutes.

Most of our classes are held in Conference Rooms 3 and 4 on the ground floor of the NC Women's Hospital or Conference Rooms 1 and 2 on the ground floor of the NC Cancer Hospital.

Conference Rooms 3 and 4 are straight ahead of you down the hallway if you if you enter through the Women's Hospital doors. Conference Rooms 1 and 2 are off the Cancer Hospital lobby area.

In the evening starting at 9:00pm, and also on weekends, the doors to enter the N.C. Women's Hospital are locked.  You must enter through the Children's Hospital doors and walk down the corridor to the right until you reach the lobby of the Women's Hospital.  Conference Rooms 3 and 4 are located down the hallway past the Information Desk in the Women's Hospital lobby.  
There will be signs directing you to your classroom when you reach the Women's Hospital lobby. For more information about class location, please call (984) 974-8882; for more information about the Women's Hospital location call the Information desk (984) 974-0709

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