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Update: Flu season has begun and the hospital has started to enforce its flu restrictions on the Labor& Delivery and Post-Partum floors of the Women's Hospital. In an effort to keep moms and newborn babies protected from infection, children ages 11 years and younger will not be allowed upstairs to the Labor & Delivery and Post-Partum units. Also, we will not be offering Sibling Tours during the time of the restriction that will be going on from now until February/March of 2018. Thank you for your consideration. 

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Current Artist

Artwork by Carol Liz Flynn

Visit the Women's Health Informtion Center during the month of October to see Carol's beautiful artwork. 

"My paintings are about disappearing spaces; real and imagined, concrete and abstract and the pathways used to get there.
      My paintings are intricate, intimate and expansive abstract environments that place the viewer in a fluctuating space of continual growth and movement. I encourage viewers to enter into these distant yet intimate spaces and explore. My work utilizes both dilapidated and concrete drawn structures that create various spatial zones for the viewers to float back and forth between the eye searching for a restful habitat.
     The multiple layers create a space that suggests tunnels and spaces beneath the ground, as well as the outer reaches of space.
     The surface of my paintings creates a certain tension between a stirring restlessness and calm.
     My work has a sense of play, a fantastic journey-a chaotic romp through multiple environments, worlds and spaces, where the possibilities, futures, adventures and experiences are endless, and carefree. I've always been playing and creating and I encourage the viewer to swim and play in my paintings as well. "
                                                                                                                         ~ Carol Liz Flynn

     A thirty-five year veteran teacher of creative writing, AP English, and psychology, Carol Liz Flynn has a Bachelor's Degree from Wittenberg University and a Master's Degree from Kent State University. Under the private instruction of Bill Whitset of Suffolk, England. Carol Liz honed her watercolor skills in painting landscapes, still lifes, florals, animals, batiks, and portraits. Exhibitions of her work include the Ohio Watercolor Society, The Creative Artists Shows, commercial sites, galleries, and single-artist shows. Awards include First Place and Best in Show. 
     Above all else, Carol Liz is a master teacher for beginners through experienced painters. She is known for patient clarity of instruction, explicit demonstration of techniques, and encouraging humor. She teaches in Europe and across the United States, but she is newly established in Durham where she teaches at the Duke OLLI Program, Jerry's Artarama, The Seymour Center, The Forest at Duke, and her home studio. Carol Liz is not only a watercolor teacher, but also a demonstrator/lecturer, who (according to her mother) should learn to contain her unladylike sense of humor.
                                                                              Apparently, that's not going to happen.





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