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Topic of the Month


Topic of the Month: Heat Strokes


I.What is a Heat Stroke

a.       Heat strokes occur when the body has become severely overheated, which is due to an extended amount of time spent in the heat. In high temperatures the body may become unable to perform homeostasis, a process in which the body is regulated to maintain healthy conditions, so the body becomes overwhelmed in heat.  


II.What Puts You at High Risk?

a.       Long Exposure to High Temperatures

b.      Being Dehydrated

c.       Age (being older or younger increases risk)

d.      Weight (being severely overweight or underweight increases risk)

e.      Having Chronic Illnesses

f.        Usage of Water Pills and Beta-Blockers


III.How Can I Prevent This?

a.       Use Sunscreen

b.      Stay Hydrated with Water

c.       Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

d.      Make Sure Your Clothes Follow the Three L’s

   i.      Lightweight

   ii.      Light-colored

   iii.      Loose- fitting

e.      Take Breaks From the Heat

f.        Never Leave Anyone in the Car


IV.Important Resources

a.       Mayo Clinic – Heat Strokes

b.      Family Doctor – Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

c.       American Family Physician – Heat-Related Illness

d.      MedLine Plus – Heat Emergencies

e.      Everyday Health


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