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Websites on Gender Differences in Health

Does Sex Make a Difference ? (Food and Drug Administration)

Just the Facts ! (Society for Women’s Health Research) 

Women’s Health Center (Mayo Clinic) 

Action Steps for Staying Healthy (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 

Tools to Help You Build a Healthier Life (National Women’s Health Information Center)

Leading Causes of Death in Females (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Heart Disease in Women – MedlinePlus

Women’s Health Issues – MedlinePlus


NC Services & Support

Women's Specialty Practices (UNC Health Care)
(984) 974-2131

Women's Wellness Services (UNC at Chapel Hill)
(919) 960-7461

Women’s Health Information Center (UNC Health Care)

UNC Center for Maternal and Infant Health 

Carrboro Community Health Center (Piedmont Health Services, Inc.)
(919) 942-8741

Community Health Centers in North Carolina (NC Community Health Center Association)
(919) 469-5701

Women’s Health Services – Web Sites Serving North Carolina (NC Health Info)

Women’s Health Branch (NC Department of Health and Human Services)

ACOG Physician Lookup – North Carolina (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)


 UNC Health Care

Women's Health Info Center
NC Women's Hospital

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